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Cashier chair Pauner 102

Cashier chair

The Pauner cashier chairs with short seats are the perfect office chairs for cashiers’ desktop workstations. This cashier chair fits easily into a small space and allows the employee an ergonomic working position, which helps to cope better with the job and to stay healthier.

While developing the Pauner cashier chair we have carefully listened to the cashiers’ demands, experiences and needs about the cashier chairs. This way we have developed a new type of cashier chair in which all the items are finished to meet the demanding needs of the cashiers. The Pauner cashier chair supports your lower back. Thanks to the short seat cushion depth the cashier chair can easily be turned around at the cashier’s workstation. The short seat is also good for the leg’s blood circulation, because the seat does not press the bottom of the thigh as it does when seated on a regular chair. The front edge of the cashier chair is rounded and the seat is soft and comfortable. These features help your feet not to get numb at sedentary work. The Finnish Pauner cashier chair is very durable.

The Pauner cashier chair is suitable for desktop workstations in stores as well as for hotel receptions and at restaurants.

cashier chair

cashier chair adjusting


A: When you lift the lever you can adjust the height of the chair

B: When you raise the lever you can adjust the distance of the backrest

C: When you lift the lever you can adjust the seat angle

D: When you turn the adjusting screw counter-clockwise, then the backrest height adjustment is unlocked and you can adjust the backrest to the appropriate height. When you turn the adjustment screw clockwise, the backrest height adjustment locks. Adjust the height of the backrest to provide the best possible lumbar support.

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Cashier chair Pauner short seat

The Pauner cashier chair/high work chair with the short seat has just the right size and is an ergonomic cashier chair.