We sell our products via reelstrap.eu online shop to consumer customers and company customers to European Union countries and to Australia.

We accept payment methods; debit card, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, American Express and PayPal account. Payments are processed securely by PayPal system.

We ship products from our Finland Europe warehouse by postal service envelope or postal service parcel or by FedEx.

Prices includes 24% Finland VAT. Company customers which are located in European Union area, can buy without VAT when provides valid VAT-number. Prices to Australia are excluding tax and customs.

Seller: Pauner Oy

VAT-number: FI17045408

Address: Vehnämyllynkatu 6, FI-33560 Tampere, Finland

Telephone: +358 40 761 4667

email: pauner(at)pauner.fi