• Has your mobilephone sometimes slipped through your hands and fallen to the floor and broken? With bad luck the screen of the phone breaks when it falls from your hands to the floor. The electronical components inside the phone can get damaged when the phone falls to the floor.
  • Or have you lost your phone when it has fallen from the pocket in a taxi for example?
  • Have you had times, when you’ve not been able to answer the ringing of the phone quickly enough, because the phone has been in your pocket or purse?
    We have developed a new product, which solves these problems:
    The new DangleCase and ReelStrap combined!

The DangleCase mobile phone protective holder is fastened on the backside of the phone. DangleCase has a metallic bracket, with which you can fasten it to the ReelStrap. This makes for a practical solution, which combines a lanyard with a sash. It is easy to adjust the winding strap to the desired length by pushing the button in the ReelStrap casing. With the help of the ReelStrap you can hang your phone in front of yourself, like a lanyard or keep it on the side like a sash. This way your phone doesn’t fall or get lost. When the phone is in the DangelCase-ReelStrap, it’s easy to answer the phone, when you don’t need to dig it from your pocket. If needed, you can have both hands free during a phone call; during a conversation via the speaker, when the phone is hanging in front of you. It’s easy to look at sms messages or the time, when the phone is in the DangleCase. When you use the navigation, it’s also handy to look at the map from your phone, which is fastened to the DangleCase. The DangleCase is made out of durable plastic, that protects the phone from scraping and bruising.

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If needed it’s also convenient to carry the workplace id-card, keys, USB flash memory, etc. in the ReelStrap.
The DangleCase is easy to fasten to the ReelStrap, and easy also to dislodge, when needed. That is, you can also use the DangeCase as a normal protective cover. And when you want to hang the phone to the ReelStrap, you just click the fastener to the fasteningring.
The DangleCase is available to the following phonemodels: iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, iPhone 6, iphone 6 plus and Samsung Galazy S5.

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DangleCase color: transparent crystal clear. 

 DangleCase gives many benefits to its user:

  • The phone travels handy with you. Specially in women’s clothing there aren’t usually any pockets, where to put the phone, so this novelty solves the problem.
  • The phone won’t be able to slip through your hands to the floor. Many has had the phone drop to the floor and because of this, the screen of the phone has shattered. Some have even dropped their phone down the toilet. The phone doesn’t slip from the DangleCase and it doesn’t get lost for example in a taxi.
  • It’s easy to answer the phone, when you don’t have to dig it from your pocket or purse.
  • If needed, you can be hands free, when the phone is hanging in front of you.
  • With ReelStrap you can also carry if needed the workplace id-card and keys.
  • If you don’t need other fasteners, you can remove the extra ones.
  • It’s easy to look at sms messages or the time from a phone, which is hanging from the DangleCase.


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iphone case

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