iphone wallet case

We have developed for Reelstrap accessory new kind of iphone wallet case which provides very useful way to carry with you conveniently your most important items; iphone, keys, credit cards and work ID card.

You can attach the DangleCase iPhone wallet case to Reelstrap easily by strong metallic hook holder. You can use Reelstrap and the iPhone wallet together or separately, as normal wallet case for iPhone 6.
The iPhone wallet case has extra card flip which can close by eyelet and due to this function cards can not drop off from the iPhone case wallet. When you need your card, then you can easily take off it from the iPhone purse.
When the iPhone wallet case is connected to Reelstrap then you can carry your iPhone conveniently and securely. This combination offers the best answer that you would not drop or lose any more your iPhone.

iphone wallet case

Pauner(TM) DangleCase Wallet case for iPhone 6 holds 5 cards. iPhone 6 plus version holds 7 cards.

iPhone wallet case

Due to extra card flip the Pauner(TM) iPhone wallet case holds cards securely.

iphone wallet case

The iPhone wallet have magnetic cover closer so it is easy to open or close. 

Wallet case for iPhone 6 and Reelstrap

The iPhone wallet compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S.

Wallet case for iPhone 6 plus and Reelstrap

iPhone 6 plus version wallet case have place for 7 cards.