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Saddle chair

Pauner saddle chair has received great popularity in many different job functions. While sitting on a saddle chair you can get many ergonomic benefits: a saddle chair guides/directs you to sit in an upright position so that your lower back can form the natural lordotic curve and therefore stress on your back is minimized. The saddle chairs have been very beneficial for sufferers of back pain and a saddle chair is good to be used even before back pain appears. A saddle chair is also good for your legs’ blood circulation, since a saddle seat does not have sharp edges as a normal chair has and the angle of your legs is also less steep, because on the saddle chair you sit a little bit higher than on a normal working chair. With the saddle chair you can easily move from one spot to an other in the office and it is well suited for many types of work for example in office work, laboratories, schools, dentists and etc.

Why are the ergonomics of a saddle chair better than those of a traditional office chair?
When you sit on a saddle chair you get the most natural posture as possible as the pelvis tilts forward and the lower back gets the necessary curve called lordosis, the normal inward lordotic curvature of the lumbar. Respectively when sitting on a standard office chair the sitting posture is often collapsed, in which case the backbone is hunched, and it is bad for your back.  The act of sitting on a saddle chair strengthens the muscles of the body’s mid-section, because when sitting on a saddle chair the body is activated. The sitting position is slightly higher on a saddle chair than on a normal office chair. So you can get the best ergonomics of a saddle chair when using a higher table instead of a standard office table. An electric height adjustable desk allows the best work ergonomics with the saddle chair

Two-part saddle chair

Saddle chair with two part swing seat.
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Saddle chair with two part swing seat.

Two-part saddle chair is ideal for men and women. In particular for men to use the two-part saddle chair is better than the traditional one-part saddle chair because the two-part saddle chair does not press the genital area. The width of the Pauner two-part saddle chair’s seat can be adjusted.

The Pauner two-part saddle chair is equipped with a sway mechanism, which follows the movement of the sitting person. Due to the sway mechanism the muscles of the body’s mid-section are better activated than on a standard saddle chair. The movement of the seat improves blood circulation, and therefore helps to cope better at work and the deep abdominal muscles are activated.

Leather upholstery.